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Computer Hardware!

Here are a few items of computer hardware that we've ordered from Amazon. Maybe you'll find them useful too?

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Belkin Omniview E Series 4-Port KVM Switch, PS/2, with 4 cable kits

B00009RIOK Yes

I am often working on more than one computer at the same time, this switch would mean that all the computers have my favourite keyboard & pointing device and I could switch between computers without swoping seats or twisting round. That was the plan, but there were delivery delays so I cancelled the original order and went for more expensive but higher specification alternative below.

Belkin Omniview Soho Series 4-Port KVM Switch, PS/2 (cables ordered separately)

KVM Switch B00006BB9G Yes
1.8m KVM Cable B000067RMG Yes
3m KVM Cable B000067RMH Yes

Belkin 8-Port Network Switch (10/100Mbps)

I've had a Genius 10Base-T network hub for quite a few years and it has been great, but now that computers are so much faster (and files so much bigger) it was time for an update to a 100Base-T switch. This switch is still compatible, to the old machines can still talk to the newer ones.

B000062R4R Yes

Logitech Trackman Marble

I find it a trackball handier than a mouse. This version, based on optical technology, means I don't need to worry about cat hairs in the mouse!

B00005QKHC Yes

US Robotics 56K Faxmodem USB1

A USB fax modem that understands UK Caller Id

B00008XYJM Yes

Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB - Black

We wer e looking for a handy means of playing back MP3s of the bible expositions available from www.bereanonline.org without the need for a computer, DVD player or transfer to tape.

B000A3P3WM Yes

Belkin Regulator Pro Gold Series UPS, 625VA

B00009RIPT Yes

APC Back-UPS CS 650VA - UPS - 650 VA

B0002V73O8 Yes

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