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The Cuillin Hills, Isle of Skye

The range of hills known as the Cuillin (sometimes called the Black Cuillin) rises from the sea on the far side of Loch Scavaig, 4 to 5 miles from Elgol. It is such a dominant feature that it also appears in many of the others views on these pages, such as those of the harbour and jetty.

Summer sun approaches Gars-bheinn. © 1999 DW (5KB)

Late in the evening the summer sun slips behind Gars-bheinn.

In midsummer it hardly gets fully dark at all in the Highlands and Islands.

From near to the tearooms. © 1999 DW (6KB)

The Cuillin looms from the mist across Loch Scavaig, with Gars-bheinn on the left and Sgur na Stri, one of the outliers, on the right. This viewpoint, in front of the Cuillin View coffee shop, is probably the most frequently photographed view.

From the start of the path to Camasunary. © 1999 DW (7KB)

A view from the start of the fine, though in places difficult, coastal path which runs from Elgol, along the shores of Loch Scavaig, past Camasunary to Loch Coruisk in the heart of the range. The same trip can be taken more easily using one of the boats that operates from the jetty.

A view from Am Suidhe Biorach. © 1999 DW (9KB)

From the Elgol jetty a rough path runs southward along the coast line to Am Suidhe Biorach (The Sharp Seat) and Prince Charlie's Cave. This is a view from Am Suidhe Biorach, looking back aross Loch Scavaig.

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