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At the end of the Strathaird peninsular is a small cave in which Prince Charles Edward Stuart hid whilst he was on the run after the battle of Culloden. The path to the cave is quite rough and the cave itself can only be approached at low tide, so a visit has to be planned carefully.

The walk starts at the car park by Elgol Jetty. From the capr park walk south along the coast to Am Suidhe Biorach near the end of the Strathaird peninsular. To descend to the shore, continue past Am Suidhe Biorach to the next bay, Port an Luig Mhór (Port of the Big Hollow), then return along the foot of the cliffs.

N.B. All of the shore is covered when the tide comes in, so give yourself plenty of time either side of low tide to descend to the shore, find the cave and get back out!

Am Suidhe Biorach. © 1999 DW (15KB)

Am Suidhe Biorach is the overhanging point of the headland in the picture.

The cave is above the normal tide line, a short scramble up the cliff from this shore about halfway between here and Am Suidhe Biorach.

The exact location of the cave can be difficult to find, at least two of the published guides obviously didn't find the cave - instead of describing the real cave they describes a through cave or arch that is flooded at high tide! If you find the through cave, you have not yet reached the real cave.

Looking into the cave. © 1999 DW (12KB)

The mouth of the cave is quite large, with a narrower cleft running back into the cliff.

Looking out of the cave. © 1999 DW (6KB)

Looking out of the cave from the back of the cleft.

To give an idea of scale a figure is stood in the larger section of the cave, just by the entrance to the cleft.

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