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Taxi Services

Driving on Single Track Roads

Broadford - Elgol Postbus

For information about travel to the area, see Getting Here.

Local Buses

For current details of the routes and timings see the following:

  • Stagecoach: Running local services on Skye and throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

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Taxi Services

A number of taxi services operate in the area. As well as providing the usual taxi services they can also take you on private tours. Amongst those available are:
* indicates that minibuses are available.

NameTel. No.
Clan MacDonald Taxis+44 (0)1471 844 272
Donald Nicolson Taxis and Island Tours* +44 (0)1471 844 338
Skye Hire+44 (0)1599 534 110

If you are further afield, the following taxis operate from the Portree area:

NameTel. No.
A2B+44 (0)1478 613 456
Ace Taxis+44 (0)1478 613 600
Gus's Taxis*+44 (0)1478 613 000

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Driving on Single Track Roads

Very nearly all of the main (class A) roads on Skye and the Mainland are now dual track (i.e. one lane in each direction) allowing proper two-way continuous traffic. The minor (class B & below) roads, however, are in general single track with passing places.

Using single track roads is just a matter of common courtesy plus a little give and take. The golden rules are:

  1. When you use a passing place, remember to apply the "drive on the left" rule - even if the road widens on the other side.
  2. Use the passing places both to allow oncoming traffic to proceed and to allow faster moving traffic from behind to overtake.

For a little more detail see these notes on the use of single track roads.

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Broadford-Elgol Postbus

For many years there was a 'postbus' service from Broadford to Elgol, but Elgol, but as of early 2007 the postal service no longer takes passengers. The same route is however now served by Stagecoach. Initially at least they are operating on approximately the same timetable, but it would be best to check at Stagecoach for the most up to date situation.

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